Lesson 4 – Basic Pendant Frame

Lesson 4 – Basic Pendant Frame

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Basic Pendant Frame

Class Description

Wrapping an oval cabochon or cameo is a technique Dale “Cougar” Armstrong has become well-known for; it’s a technique she teaches in classes across the country in person, and now she’s ready to teach you this fine technique in the comfort of your own home! All you’ll need is wire, jewelry pliers, tape, markers, and a ruler to execute this timeless design – oh, and of course, a cabochon or cameo!

In Lesson 4, you’ll wrap a 22 x 30mm cabochon of your choosing in the beautiful pendant frame. This foundational technique will give you the basis for wrapping all kinds of stones in wire, including wrapped pendants, bracelets, and more.

In this class, Dale “Cougar” Armstrong will give you accurate measurements to wrap a cabochon or cameo tightly in wire for a beautiful, elegant look. Plus, you’ll learn more bail techniques, building on the bail formed in Lesson 3. This technique is something every wire jewelry artist should know – start learning today!

When you order this class, you’ll have immediate access to view it and download follow-up directions. You’ll have access to the video and directions PDF for 30 days. You can save the directions on your computer, and even print them, so you can have a copy forever!

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