Lesson 5 – Leaf Link Component

Lesson 5 – Leaf Link Component

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Leaf Link Component

Class Description

Like Lesson 1, this class builds on components – specifically, the Leaf Link component. Dale shows several examples of the leaf link component in action, including a bracelet, ring, and chain. This design could be a leaf, an evil eye, or even a hidden leaf – as many uses as you can think of, this link will meet them all!

In this lesson, Dale teaches two different kinds of hooks for clasps, a chain design you can use as a bracelet, anklet, or necklace, and a brand-new ring design, all using this versatile jewelry component! You can even add findings to create matching earrings.

These projects only require round wire, so this is a very easy-to-make set of designs! Plus, Dale usually uses half hard wire for her designs, so this is a neat example of a dead soft temper wire design. Plus, she’ll show you how to work this wire with no nicks or marks from the pliers. You don’t want to miss this simple, versatile component lesson!

When you order this class, you’ll have immediate access to view it and download follow-up directions. You’ll have access to the video and directions PDF for 30 days. You can save the directions on your computer, and even print them, so you can have a copy forever!

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